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Hall Pass Rewards



The Hall Pass rewards program is an easy way to earn discounts by simply shopping with us, either online or in-store. The best part? It’s completely electronic, so all you have to remember is your email!



How It Works:



For every $150 you spend, you will receive $10 off your next purchase.  You don’t have to spend the $150 all at once either. Your total money spent (not including tax and shipping) will accrue for every purchase you make until you reach the $150 mark. Once you reach $150, the $10 off will be available on your next purchase.


  1. Sign up with a valid email address (one you use often)
  2. Begin earning points when you shop ($1 = 1 point)
  3. Receive $10 off your next purchase once you spend $150


Hall Pass Rewards never expire!


In order to redeem Hall Pass Rewards points, you must set up an online account by providing your name and email address. You can do so by going to the profile icon at the top left of thelodge.ahcampusstores.com, and then select “New Customers.” Once you set up your online account, be sure to log in and use that same account for every online purchase you make in order for the Hall Pass Rewards points to be credited to your account correctly.


Once you have $10 to use, you will be prompted online to apply your points to your order on the final checkout screen before proceeding to the final payment. If you are shopping in-store, a sales associate will ask if wish to apply those points to your purchase.  


Hall Pass Rewards points cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts, and they cannot be redeemed for cash.


For online purchases, Hall Pass Rewards are earned on purchases made from a valid online account that has been logged in to.  Purchases made through the "Guest Checkout" option are not eligible to accrue Hall Pass Rewards.


What If I Have Only Shopped In-Store:


If you have only ever shopped in-store at The Lodge by Alumni Hall or at any other Alumni Hall stores, your online account will not automatically sync to your in-store account - these will remain separate. But have no fear, our e-Commerce team can merge accounts upon request. You can make this request by emailing us at [email protected].



If you have any questions about our Hall Pass Rewards Program, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling Customer Service at 865-671-1117.



Click HERE to check your current rewards available to use. 


If you are not signed into your account already, you will be prompted to do so. You can also check your rewards points by clicking on the profile icon in the header of the website and then "Hall Pass Rewards." You must also be signed into your account in order to check this way.